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The Encouragement Lend a helping

They look at Me like I’m crazy. Do they think that maybe. I’m a sinner of My own kind. I’m rapping My own rhyme. I fly high to the sky, no lie. You can’t achieve to decieve Me. I’mma get My college Degree, no GED. I’m drama free, so You see I’m anxiously waiting on

Man In The Mirror
Man In The Mirror

I wish people can just stop shooting and just be peaceful. Why can’t we just have a little peace in our world? If only people would listen to inspiring songs like, “Man In The Mirror” from MJ To make a change in their lives, being that man or girl or teen in the mirror. Then

What We Want Boys to Know
what we want boys to know

We want boys to know that we just want to talk. We want them to care about our feelings and love us for who we are, not how we look. We want boys to know that we are not punching bags; we are women. We want boys to know that we should be respected right.

The perception of violence from the girls of Englewood
gun violence 2

Guns and Violence are everywhere. Wherever you go it’s there. It’s not safe; I wish it was. Everyday someone on the news from being shot, hurt. In my head I keep saying, Why, why is this happening? I know how it feels loosing someone you love. Boys should stay out of the streets and leave

Living in Englewood

Living in Englewood is just another test for me And I’m glad if everyday I passed. Because it’s hard to be successful When everyone around you are like crabs in a bucket. No one wants to see you make it unless they’re coming. It’s a lot of hatred out here in the world. But I