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A Day In The Life of a 12 Year Old Girl In Englewood

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It seems like when I get up in the morning I am happy but when I go to school and they see me happy they are always trying to take that from me, but every time I try to block them it is like they try harder and harder to make me fall down and they are so mean……

The girls in my class always call me mean names. Today they called me slut, whore, and said “don’t flip that 89 cent hair” just because I turned my head. And they tell me that I am scared of them but I am not, I am just not the fighting type.  I do not like to fight and they make me feel like I am the FREAK/the crazy person and they make me very sad….they said they are going to jump on me later, one said she would make me eat dirt.

I feel so alone because I have no one to talk to and I am afraid because I have no one to turn to and every time I keep it in it is like it is eating me up inside….

It is like the ones that you trust hurt you the most and it is like they let people tell them something different and they just turn on you and when it comes down to it they are talking about you behind your back…..if I had one wish it would be for the world to stop beating each other up using words. I have one question; has this ever happened to you?