Fighting for a brighter future.
A Way With Words: Zero_TheWeirdo

” Verses that I spit are like the water in the river… Flowing.” I basically tend to have work my lyrics around the way people live and the childish mindset that I have. Like, I could basically take things from past times and ┬ámake them feel like they’re new again. However, people ask me, ” What’s your purpose in making the songs that you make?” It’s pretty simple. I make this type of music to try and change the world. Instead of talking about gangs and shootings, I talk about games and music. Instead guns and violence, I make puns and leave everyone silent. People are amazed at the fact that a simple 18 year old boy with the name “Zero_TheWeirdo” is from Chicago and not trying to act like most of the idiots that sag their pants and smoke dope, dropping out of school because they believe the streets are made for them due to the simple fact that they see their so called ” Boys” do it. It’s like the world is a freakin’ walking Twitter page. Everyone is a follower.

Do I believe the world will go back to what it was before people on television and songs started to take it over with the dumb stuff that they make? Honestly, I have no idea, But hey. I’m up for going to war against them to make a change to what’s going on in the world now. It would be my pleasure to take out some of the top names in the industry that make no type of sense in with their music. That’s just the real feeling. A young Chicago rapper from Englewood changes the music industry for good. How amazing would that be?