Fighting for a brighter future.
Becoming A Runaway

Yesterday, I ran away from home. No, I’m not the typical runaway teen I ran away because I felt trapped and felt like I didn’t matter to the people who meant the most to me. My sister and I had a small fight that turned into a big fight because she made it into something it was not. A little before this my sister lived down in Galesburg, Illinois with her father and she called me crying everyday trying to persuade me to let my mother have her come back, and because I never give up on what I want I was able to persuade her to do so. Now, it’s like my sister just doesn’t understand what I went through to get her here, I feel betrayed because a sister’s bond is suppose to be strong, yesterday my sister completely destroyed our bond, after the altercation in which she walked outside and removed her shirt with nothing under there but a bra, she proceeded in trying to fight with me in front of a crowd of people. Of course, they were boosting her on. I did not hit my sister, nor did I let her stoop me down to her level. After our altercation my aunt’s alcoholic boyfriend hit me, I hit him back and he grabbed me and my younger brother started hitting him right along with me, it was great to know he hadn’t betrayed my trust with him and he stuck by me, my sister simply yelled “let him beat her” so after I left and went to an old friend’s house for a while and then I came back home, I sat by myself on the back porch crying and talking to myself debating whether I deserved to live or not, I chose my answer, I went to get my clothes and packed them up and I waited for my mother to get in, the reason my clothes were packed is because I knew she wouldn’t believe anything I said and I also knew my sister always had the upper hand when it came to my mother. When my mother returned home my sister ran to her car to tell her what had happened and I knew she wasn’t going to tell the truth, my mother came in and yelled at me and I ran out the back door and I screamed y’all will never understand me, because they won’t. Later that night I was at my best friend’s house and I was talking to her and I couldn’t believe I had finally just left that hell hole it was nothing but me babysitting, cleaning, cooking, and much more I am a teenage girl, I shouldn’t be treated that way and I do deserve better.