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A Way With Words: Zero_TheWeirdo

” Verses that I spit are like the water in the river… Flowing.” I basically tend to have work my lyrics around the way people live and the childish mindset that I have. Like, I could basically take things from past times and  make them feel like they’re new again. However, people ask me, ”

October: Zero Edition

Honestly, October is just a month of leaves, candy, kids, and more danger in Chicago as usual. These leaves might actually fall off the trees to represent another lost or dead fellow brother or sister in the city that turned out to be a victim of something that wasn’t even made for them. This life

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Crushers Club 2014 Make it Better Philanthropy Winner

Life as A Senior

Well, being a senior is actually a hard task to itself. Not just that, I have to worry about keeping my grades up and getting money and prepared for college. It can be really stressful, but do to help from college counselors, I was actually able to stay on track with everything. I’d actually like

My Life, My Mistakes, My Obstacles, MY JOURNEY

Entering the year 2015, I had planned on great things. My life was great, I had become a better person than I was the years before, but just so you may know how much I’ve changed here’s my life. At 10 years old I was headed for a drastic change I lost my most prized

Education In Englewood by Rosalyn Collins

Being educated in Englewood is very rare, but there are positive figures who we can look up to the have been produced from Englewood, in which I like to refer as (Englehood). The teachers at the school I’m attending now found it hard to believe I was as smart as I am. Attending this learning

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Crushers Club Philantrophy Award 2014

Voice of Englewood Kiss FM 103.5 Interview

The Interview at 103.5 KissFM was amazing. The youth did a great job at expressing their experience living in Englewood and sharing how much Crushers Club has done for them. LISTEN IN HERE …

The System by Lyric Santana

First, if you don’t mind I’d like to define system. System – a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done ; an organized scene or method. How do you put a label on a life ? A black man’s life what’s the price ? A black man is not successful unless

Chicago Artist Month

CRUSHERS for WEB SITE PHOTOS by Jean-Marc Giboux DRAWINGS by Layne Jackson Opening Friday, Oct. 24, 2014 4-8 PM Boxing Matches: CRUSHERS CLUB VOICE OF ENGLEWOOD performances Crushers Club Gym 1406 West 64th Street, Chicago, IL info: 312-221-0289 or 312-850-9630 We are excited to see you there!