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Day 7. A Day In The Life Of A 12 Year Old Girl In Englewood

Yesterday, I was in class and I was sitting down. I was talking to my fellow students about an incident that had occurred earlier that day, where a mother of one of my friends that I call my “sister” came to the school because so many of the kids in her classroom were bothering her and the teacher didn’t do anything about it. I felt the mother was doing what was right for the well-being of her daughter and everybody else ridiculed her about what she did. The mother cursed out the teacher and was about to proceed in a physical altercation with her when the authorities were called to remove her and her daughter from the school and now the girl has to sit in another classroom every day.

Just the life of an (un-typical) teenage girl. This is what happened; the boy said if y’all know the “thot” (slut) in our class, raise y’all hand and then he asked if y’all know the letter know of the “thot” first name say it and everyone said J, then he asked the same question for the last name and they said H. Then this other boy said Jendaiah going for the whole team and she sucked his thing so I scream and walked out. The man that sits at the front desk said go to another teacher, so I did, he told me to go to math and when I was done with math I went back to him. As I am walking up to the line the boy get out of line and say you are not with us and then everyone behind him said the same. I said I am just going to go and he said that I called her an H and that’s when she said your mom is one too. My mom came up and she is very angry with this teacher………. The day life of a 12 year old girl.