Fighting for a brighter future.
Life as A Senior

Well, being a senior is actually a hard task to itself. Not just that, I have to worry about keeping my grades up and getting money and prepared for college. It can be really stressful, but do to help from college counselors, I was actually able to stay on track with everything. I’d actually like to thank Johnson College Prep for helping me get prepared for the college experience and helping me to become a mature adult. The best part of actually being a senior was mainly watching acceptances from multiple colleges come in the mail and through emails. It actually made me feel special that colleges were noticing me. I mean, living in a place as bad as Englewood,you would think that people wouldn’t even look your way for stuff like this. It’s actually an honor. 75% of boys out of Englewood don’t even make to college. They mostly drop out, join a gang, and end up dead. If not that, they try to be like everyone else in the world; however, I chose to be different. I chose the road to stay away from gangs, drugs, and everything else that’s terrible in Englewood. I chose to go through basically everyday being bullied in elementary school, being told that I wasn’t going to be anything in life, being told that I would end up like the other boys that I went to elementary school with, such as the ones that turned out to be gang affiliated now and smoke and do idiotic stuff every single time I see them. In the midst of all of that, I worked hard and proved everyone wrong. In the words of my friend Fr3sh Fr3vquency, also a dj and owner of his own company Keep Jammin Records, ” Dare To Be Different”. With those words, I was able to accomplish my goals in life. Now look at me. I’m a senior in high school making music and keep my grades up all at once, and thanks to Crushers Club, I was able to continue on with my dream in music to try and change this corrupted world around me.