Fighting for a brighter future.
Life of a young Iraqi girl


I’m good, though it has been depressing to go back to Iraq after everything I saw. I was accepted and supported there, and I came here to find that not even my family accosts me or support me. I mostly read novels in my free time or play video games. As what I write, I don’t know what to define it as, it’s not stories, but I don’t know it it’s a journal. I use my Instagram account to share what I write along with my photography, I believe that photos alone can’t be as powerful as having a story or a meaning behind it.
And life in Iraq, well, there was a book called “A Land Without Jasmine” that’s describes how it is for a woman in an Arab world, I would have gotten you a copy if I knew we would meet, but mostly life is like this…
People here have two faces, one with god where they pray everyday and seem like god’s angels and the other face is the one the use in their daily life where they turn into monsters, committing a sin each second, especially men. As a woman, we have to deal with lustful gazes or judging stares everyday, maybe it is not doing any harm but I’ll consider it as a mental assault because of what it causes every time, the mental damage these gazes and stared make. Maybe it is not as intense where I live but I still can feel it here, makes you winder about other places where it is even worse. I have a half shaved hairstyle and dress casual or boyish, people stare at me all the time and judge me, I’ve had people telling me that I’m not a girl enough because I don’t look like one. It is a good thing sometimes, because that means I won’t be hit on by guys, despite that, I still had to encounter some awful moments. It’s a male dominated country, I have a brother who was raised in this awful community believing that is he is the superior being, he can do whatever he wants because he is a man, that’s what society taught him when my parents weren’t there to raise him up. When I was in US, he used to call and say, don’t talk to boys! He thinks that if I talk to a boy then I’m gonna sleep with him or something, because that’s what he does with girls. He sweet talks them into doing what he wants, and if denied ten he gets mad, for him it’s like, how can you deny a man? He thinks that boys who don’t do this are not men, just failures. That being a gentlemen and respecting women is a sign of being a failure. Men are sex crazed here, for some unknown reason, almost all Arab men are like that, except for the ‘failures’ as my brother would say.
The line between religion and tradition has vanished a long time ago, no one understands religion anymore and I don’t even think that the real religion even exists now since it has been altered for year, by personal needs and tradition. No one does a thing our of fear of god, it is always out of fear of what people are gonna think. You want to be an artist? Your parents asks, what are people gonna think of you?! A girl is an artist and activist, oh, she is a slut then, people would say. Dreams and goals get crashed everyday by what people are gonna think, only few take the risk of doing what they want despite what is being said or despite being disowned by your family…

Thank you, stay awesome.”

From Anonymous.