Fighting for a brighter future.
My Life, My Mistakes, My Obstacles, MY JOURNEY

Entering the year 2015, I had planned on great things. My life was great, I had become a better person than I was the years before, but just so you may know how much I’ve changed here’s my life. At 10 years old I was headed for a drastic change I lost my most prized possession, My aunt Minnie, believe it or not that’s her real name. She died and I lost all control I started fighting more and I got caught up in a lot of street nonsense I took to the wrong people, I started gang banging and holding guns and selling drugs to fulfill my needs and wants. Not knowing it would lead me down the wrong path, soon enough I became reckless and coldhearted I distanced myself, telling myself I was all I had and that I would still make it. At 11 I was a drug king pin everyone knew my name, and my words. I had a big influence on people I just used this in all the wrong ways. In the summer of that year I became so hated in that area that people threatened to kill me, they put a price on my head, it killed me to know that I was labeled as a price. Later, that year I moved to the south side in Englewood. I would never forget. I enrolled at Luke O’Toole Elementary School , it wasn’t a warm welcome I was picked on when I first got there, but I quickly made a comeback and made it clear I was no one to be messed with, they got my message. So I had a good year my first two years there. This is my last year at O’Toole and things got out of hand. I was president and one of my teachers worked hard to take me out of that position and she succeeded I have also had verbal altercations with the majority of these teachers because of how they talk to other children and myself of course. They downgrade children and wonder why children don’t succeed, I found myself telling one teacher “these kids go home and hear negative things, they go in their neighborhood and hear negative things, and they come to school and hear negative things, yet all you ( people ) expect a positive outcome, how?” Negativity is all some of these kids know, the teachers even display signs of violence towards children. But, enough with those teachers, at home things were no better everyday I came home and explained to my mom the troubles I had been enduring, she did nothing. She also kicked my big brother out of our home telling herself he had been molesting me, but he was the only person other than my aunt Minnie who had ever been there for me. She doesn’t understand why I loved him so much but that’s because he raised me. She then told me I was just like him and that she doesn’t like me and she had said for me to go and live with Sally. Sally is the creator of Restoring The Path also known as Crushers Club a youth ran organization. She became the mother I never had and my mother was and still is so furious that I am so close to Sally, but Sally has given me back my child hood. I often tell people I don’t live in reality I live in my dreams, they believe it’s just a saying but I know the truth. A psychiatrist tried to diagnose me with schizophrenia but it’s nothing of the sort. I have two people inside of me, one who believes in what’s right and another who believes what she wants. They instruct me and lead me through everyday life, Rosalyn hasn’t been in control of Rosalyn for a long time. So, right now I am just living while I can and doing what I can but this is only part of my story. There’s more to come…………………..