Fighting for a brighter future.
October: Zero Edition

Honestly, October is just a month of leaves, candy, kids, and more danger in Chicago as usual. These leaves might actually fall off the trees to represent another lost or dead fellow brother or sister in the city that turned out to be a victim of something that wasn’t even made for them. This life ┬áthat we live now is basically turned towards fashion, gangs, somehow family, school, sports, drugs, fake relationships, and making the most money. I bet you all realize how most of that stuff is true and how only 3 of those things are good. Yeah, life is a real pain in the butt when you know that everyone wants to be famous for the wrong reasons, but we just gotta live this life and hopefully make it out alive.

School: Hmmmm, let’s see. School is just school. It’s nothing major. The only thing that’s pretty complicated is time management. College is nothing to actually play about. Either you get with it or get out. The main good part about college is the fact that you make your schedule. That’s right, YOU. It’s pretty sweet. Therefore, it becomes easy yet complicated. One piece of advice to give you guys: Stay focused on college more and less on anything else.