Fighting for a brighter future.
The Encouragement Lend a helping

They look at Me like I’m crazy.

Do they think that maybe.

I’m a sinner of My own kind.

I’m rapping My own rhyme.

I fly high to the sky, no lie.

You can’t achieve to decieve Me.

I’mma get My college Degree, no GED.

I’m drama free, so You see I’m anxiously waiting on that day to be.

Set Goals, Morals, Values, mind You that God is behind You every step of the way.

Help me if you may. This is My story, My glory.

It’s ALL appealing, no matter how I’m feeling.

These Diversions of Encouragement is supplement to My rights.

I try My best with all My might.

I severly understand the Trials and Tribulations of God’s plans.

You may come to an understanding, do You here what I’m demanding?

It’s rights that I demand, not punishments I command.

Realize, Visualize, Compromise, Syncrinize that You have the power within.

Lend a helping hand. I feel this fire rising up in My vains.

Can you feel My pain? Hear the sound of My voice.

You don’t have a choice. Put shame on my Name.

I’ve got You to blame. Don’t fall and take the pity.

Fall victim to My committee.

It’s pleasing, give Me a reason to believe in You

It’s important too!