Fighting for a brighter future.
The System by Lyric Santana
First, if you don’t mind I’d like to define system.
System – a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done ; an organized scene or method.
How do you put a label on a life ? A black man’s life what’s the price ? A black man is not successful unless he dribbles, or rocks the newest mikes. A while ago I said to the system, I’m nothing more than just a bunch of numbers, well it’s true, they don’t care to know me or my capabilities. They plan to weaken me and destroy my abilities. But a broken wing is just a minor set back and a broken dream is just a goal off track. Again I ask what’s the price of a black man’s life ? Some with no hope for the future because they’ve lived their lives in spite. What good is his woman, who’s the in house slave, abandoning the gifts that god gave. What about a black child, who grows up acting so wild. Negativity all around without a place of refuge, tell me now black child hat can you do ? They’ve expanded the prison’s and tore down your schools tell me black child, what can you do? Your people give up on you quicker than you do, and your so okay with loosing your use to number trout the system can’t change you. So now I ask black child forget what the system names you, I have hopes you’ll be successful and when you do don’t let them claim you. So again I will ask what is the price of a black man’s life, who’s not dribbling a ball or rocking the newest mikes. They’ve torn you apart for their own sake but now it’s time for my black men to wake, how dare we be strong and we’ve lost our soldiers, we’ve weakened our own and made bolder and I am sad to say that the price of a black mans life, stands in between the price of a plastic fork or knife. To the system my black men have no right, to the black men his rights are the furthest thing out of sight, They’ve grew up with the wrong mindset, and most of their lives has been a train wreck the path set before them was nothing more than a set up, it’s claimed the lives of thousands not one black man can catch up. it’s time to realize we aren’t our own enemies, So why seek vengeance against our own, we are in this together and together we are strong. To the system a black man’s life means nothing but we can make a life mean something. One more time I just feel the need to ask what’s the price, of a black man’s life?
-A verbatim