Fighting for a brighter future.
Our mission is to be the strongest alternative to gangs. We arm young people with the support and skills they need to restore their lives and improve their neighborhood. Crushers Club is rooted in four ideals—respect, discipline, ownership, and love—that give our members a fighting chance.
Crushers Club members learn to take charge of their lives and their futures. They alone own their actions and they alone own their victories.
Feeling loved is the only way to be able to love others and love yourself. Crushers Club provides the unconditional love and support these young men need as they fight to change their lives.
Working hard and following rules is everything. No swearing. No talking about others. Lots of sit-ups, push-ups, and sparring. Discipline is the only way to win both inside and outside the ring.
To get it, they have to give it. At all times. No excuses. Being a member of Crushers Clubs means treating everyone with the highest level of respect.
The System by Lyric Santana

First, if you don’t mind I’d like to define system. System – a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done ; an organized scene or method. How do you put a label on a life ? A black man’s life what’s the price ? A black man is not successful unless

Chicago Artist Month

CRUSHERS for WEB SITE PHOTOS by Jean-Marc Giboux DRAWINGS by Layne Jackson Opening Friday, Oct. 24, 2014 4-8 PM Boxing Matches: CRUSHERS CLUB VOICE OF ENGLEWOOD performances Crushers Club Gym 1406 West 64th Street, Chicago, IL info: 312-221-0289 or 312-850-9630 We are excited to see you there!

Thank You To The Chicago Community Trust

The Chicago Community Trust is one of our biggest supporters and we would like to say “Thank You”, without you we would not be able to help these amazing children! For 98 years, The Chicago Community Trust, our region’s community foundation, has connected the generosity of donors with the community needs by making grants to

Life of a young Iraqi girl

“Hi, I’m good, though it has been depressing to go back to Iraq after everything I saw. I was accepted and supported there, and I came here to find that not even my family accosts me or support me. I mostly read novels in my free time or play video games. As what I write, I don’t know

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